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29 January 2007

UniToolbox distribution 070129 is now available from our download page.

Important Note: A recent change to the UniTreeView (release 060923), necessary to increase the maximum possible number of tree nodes, has forced a change to be made to the public interface of the control. Whilst the binary compatibility has been preserved, users are advised to re-compile existing binaries to eliminate any possibility of binary compatibility issues.

Updated packages


Issues fixed

061127_01 UniMenu
  A form's status bar does not initialise correctly when a UniMenu control is also present.
061205_01 UniToolbar
  The ButtonMenu.Parent property does not return the correct value.
061220_01 UniTreeView
  The following code does not work as expected:
Private Sub Form_Load() 
  Call UniTreeView1.Nodes.Add(, , "Parent", "Parent") 
  Call UniTreeView1.Nodes.Add(1, tvwChild, "Child1", "Child1") 
  Call UniTreeView1.Nodes.Add(1, tvwChild, "Child3", "Child3") 
  Call UniTreeView1.Nodes.Add(2, tvwNext, "Child2", "Child2") 
End Sub
070122_01 UniMenu
  Removing all MenuItems from the control at design-time causes an error (380) to be raised.
061201_01 UniCombo
  When the UniCombo's Style property is '2 - Dropdown List' and the control contains two identical items, the Index property is incorrect when evaluated during the Click() event.
061115_01 UniTreeView
  The speed with which a node of the tree expands or collapses is too slow, when the UniTreeView control is running on a regionalised East Asian version of Windows.

Please read the release notes for information about previous fixes and enhancements.

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